Associated Press Series


In the series Associated Press, Hughen mines the print edition of the New York Times to examine connections between geopolitics, class, identity, and luxury goods. Each work in the series incorporates information from news articles and editorial photos with images from adjacent luxury consumer ads. The artworks are created using methods that mimic the newspaper printing process, including ink rollers, Ben-Day dots, screenprinting, and the CMYK color palette. The finished works reference the global economy, editorial bias,  the slow death of print media, and inaccuracy inherent in photographs. The series considers art, luxury goods, and the New York Times as repositories of personal identity and status.

For the past year, Hughen has worked primarily with imagery from a single edition: the January 6, 2015 print edition of the New York Times. The headline photo that day was a large color portrait of an Afghani man who, since losing both sons in the conflict, spends his time ferrying dead bodies back to their families on both sides of the war. On the next page, A2, just behind his photo, was an ad for a Wempe gold ring that mimicked the form of the turban of the man on the cover.