The series Between Above and Below consists of collaborative artworks by Hughen/Starkweather about Market Street, the main thoroughfare of downtown San Francisco. The series was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission and was exhibited in 24 pedestrian kiosks along Market Street for four months in 2007. In each image in this series, the artists isolated and juxtaposed forms and patterns derived from built systems and natural and mechanical movements along, above, and below Market Street in San Francisco.

Hughen/Starkweather is the collaborative team comprised of San Francisco artists Jennifer Starkweather and Amanda Hughen. Together they create artworks that examine specific locations, exploring layers and complexities, built systems and natural movements. They begin each project by researching a location using historic and current maps, data, photos, and personal interviews. The resulting artworks reveal forms unique to the location. The artworks are abstract, but contain visible traces of the source materials.