Selected Press / Catalogue Excerpts

TOWNSEND CENTER, Wednesday,October 9, 2002

Excerpt from Between Chaos and Order: Dialectical Systems and the Work of Amanda Hughen, by Sharon Corwin and Beth Dungan 

Hughen’s art...displays a repetition of forms with almost hyperbolic insistence, mimick-ing the processes of standardization and serialization inherent in systems of mass production. Hughen appropriates forms from architectural and typographic templates, ..but in her hands, these mass-produced forms fail to achieve their standardized perfection. Imperfections arise as forms butt up against each other, overlap, and partially dissolve. It is in this gap between standardization and irregularity, between order and chaos, that Hughen’s art is staged.

WORK MAGAZINE, Saturday,June 9, 2001

Excerpt from Amanda Hughen & The Aesthetics Of The Vernacular Landscape, by David Buuck

The act or art of seeing is of utmost concern in Amanda Hughen’s work ongoing visual dialogue with the otherwise unnoticed built landscape, compiling a photographic inventory of what she calls the “chance emergence of unintentional beauty.” The process of constructing new landscapes, a labor-intensive and improvisatory process... becomes the ground for what could be thought of as a practice of philosophical inquiry into the construction of visible meaning.